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How do you reach your audience when most health and nutrition advice reflects the perspective of a nutritionist, fitness coach, or medical doctor — most of whom have little training or personal experience in the psychology of food addiction?

Food addiction carries a stigma. There are thousands of 'diets' but there's little information based on the psychology of carb addiction. Titles of nutrition books often contain words like obesity, fat, skinny, junk food, junky, and carboholic. Titles that can cause embarrassment and fear. Fat-shaming and 'no excuse' finger-wagging don't work.

Dr. Jen Unwin is a clinical psychologist. And a lifelong carb addict. She's uniquely qualified to help people trapped in a cycle of food addiction. Jen has tapped the wisdom of other doctors and nutritionists who offer support and guidance on a difficult but rewarding journey to food freedom. Community and empathy are strong factors determining successful habit change. People long to be understood and connect with kindred spirits.


The design strategy showcases Fork in the Road as your personal support group. It's a book that people can give as a gift and share without embarrassment. It's a beautiful and inspiring cookbook with the science of nutrition and psychology explained without jargon. The brand mark is a flipped peace symbol that suggests a fork on a plate. Inside the circle, the 'fork' is the Greek letter psi ψ — the symbol for psychology. A cool mark you can wear emblazoned on a t-shirt or neatly engraved on a pendant courageously identifying you as part of a community with who have your back.


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