The T shape way to logo and branding design

T-Approach to Logo Design

A typical approach for logo design is to have your designer create three logo options, you pick one, perhaps with some tweaks, and the designer delivers the final art.


This 'Pick-From-3" approach has downsides. It puts you, the client, in an awkward position of deciding on a design approach when design and visual arts are not you're strengths. Clients often go for what they consider a 'safe' choice. The logo is a literal expression of what your product does. What you lose is a more novel approach that could make you stand out from your competitors. Safe ends up being risky as you'll be lost in a sea of sameness.

At Creative Ki we prefer the T-approach to logo design and branding. It's not uncommon for a designer to come up with a brilliant design after exploring a lot of options. In the Pick-From-3 approach, you have to use valuable time fleshing out less than brilliant designs instead of designing the rich possibilities for a brilliant design.

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