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Amber O'Hearn is the original voice on eating only meat (not plants) to improve mental and physical health. She had grown a loyal following. As carnivore became more popular her message was getting crowded out by bodybuilder personalities who often lacked knowledge of the science of nutrition to the point it was altering the meaning and perception of being a carnivore. She needed her brand to be sophisticated to attract a broader audience for her blog, consulting business, and attendance at her annual CarnivoryCon conference in Boulder, Colorado.


Amber's conference talk featured a novel insight into the inverse relationship between anabolic and catabolic physiological systems for muscle and neuron growth. She expressed this using the yin yang symbol. In a series of conversations and creative exercises, we began to distill the essence of her message and brand.

With a new take on the ancient yin yang symbol, we were able to create a memorable identity — tying Amber's scientific insights of carnivore with her brand that communicated carnivore as a way of eating that's in harmony with nature and human history.

Conference banners, promotions, and tees were given a creative makeover of sophisticated graphics that evoked ancient traditions and a healthy, humane way of eating.


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