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I've had a successful career doing work for Apple, Dolby, Visa, Wells Fargo, Disney, and The Simpsons. For the past ten years, I've partnered with clients working on restorative health for people and the planet.




My first paid art gig was when I was 6 and my drawing of a Donkey running in the desert was featured in the Junior Artist Contest of The San Bernadino Sun. I won $2 (which is $19 in today's dollars).


I once stumped Alex Trabek with a geography question when my son and I were in the studio audience of Jeopardy!


My brother came over to celebrate my son's birthday and gave him a poster of The Simpsons not knowing that I designed the poster years earlier.


One of my proudest moments was watching my son captain a sailboat with four passengers through a busy Long Beach, California port and gently docking the boat to the slip. He was 8 years old.


Ten years ago I recorded everything I ate for 50 weeks. I lost 50 pounds and have kept to a normal weight ever since.


My biggest regret in life was not understanding the seriousness of my Dad's diabetes diagnosis and connecting with him about how to eat well.


My biggest triumph was watching my Mom dance in her living room after regaining clarity and mobility after months of guiding her on a low-carb diet when she was suffering dementia.


The scariest moment of my life was when my son was in a coma in the ICU suffering from malaria and the doctors said he had a 50% chance of surviving. My favorite picture is Josh playing an African drum that I took a few weeks later.


The name of my design studio, Creative Ki, comes from the concept of 'ki' meaning 'life force, flow, state of mind, and juju of the universe', which comes to me through the energy of my wife Kiki who has given me a better life than I deserve. 

client testimonials

Stacy Malkin

Co-founder, U.S. Right to Know

"Michael and Kiki are terrific to work with. We appreciate their process and professionalism. We felt well taken care of and we are delighted with their outside-the-box thinking for our logo and branding."

Len Lehmann

Winemaker, Portola Vineyards

"Creative Ki created our identity, posters, and packaging designs. Michael is a joy to work with: personable, responsive, and dependable — a strategic thinker, able to understand my business and the messages to convey."

Scott Williford

Survivors of Torture

"Creative Ki created a brand evolution for SURVIVORS that reflected our core values and softened our image, with their signature level of professionalism and respect. Their work helped us better tell our story and led to our best fundraising drive in 25 years."

Dave Feldman

CEO, Citizen Science Foundation

"Mega thanks to Creative Ki for creating a great new logo for Citizen Science Foundation. I'm a big fan of your art, branding, and communications."

Balaji Krishnan

CEO, DabKick

"Michael did such wonderful branding and design work for my first startup, that he was my first hire for my second entertainment technology company, DabKick."

Chris S. Cornell

Biggest Comeback Health Blogger

"Creative Ki helped us achieve our branding and communications goals with designs that were magic. Michael listened and asked insightful questions."

Deyla Curtis

MidAtlantic Justic Coalition

"We are endlessly grateful to Creative Ki for their creativity, professionalism, and willingness to engage so deeply with us throughout this process. We're absolutely thrilled with our new branded identity."

Dr Jen Unwin

Founder, Fork in the Road

"Creative Ki designed our identity and branding materials and turned my manuscript into a beautifully designed and illustrated book that allowed us to present our message of hope and compassion to people searching for food freedom. We absolutely could not have had the impact we have had without them. They are a total delight to work with."

Frankie Lloyd

Environment Care

"Creative Ki is excellent to work with. Their insightful process and keen interest in the vision and values were key to our collaborative experience that led to brilliant logo and branding. They exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them highly! Very happy with our experience."

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