Hope and Understanding for People with Food Addiction

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We have thousands of 'diets' to choose from, but there's little information based on the psychology of carb addiction. Dr. Jen Unwin is a clinical psychologist. And a lifelong carb addict. Jen offers support and guidance on a difficult but rewarding journey to food freedom.


The design strategy showcases Fork in the Road as your personal support group. It's a beautiful and inspiring cookbook you can feel comfortable giving as a gift to a friend. Science of nutrition and psychology explained without jargon.


The logo is a flipped peace symbol and the Greek letter psi ψ — the symbol for psychology.

low-carb book design illustration

Bespoke illustrated icons highlight real food ingredients for healthy meals.

book design low-carb diet

Information graphics help readers understand nutrition and how to prepare meals.

book design low-carb diet

Food is a celebration of life, health, and friendship. Fork in the Road design expresses the joy of healthy eating.

book design low-carb logo

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